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BASIC is a.... language?

  The original BASIC would be considered an "interpreted" language; the instructions were never translated to machine code, but rather executed as the interpreter reads th (MORE)

What are the basics of the qur'an?

The basics are simple. Your lord is God(Allah in Arabic) who created the heavens and the earth in 6 days. He is One. He has no partners or associates. The message of the Quran (MORE)

What is Quick Basic?

Microsoft QuickBASIC is an Integrated Development Environment (or IDE) and compiler for the BASICprogramming language that was developed by Microsoft. QuickBASIC runs mainly o (MORE)

What is basic budget?

A basic budget is made up of expenses and earnings, which gives you a detailed plan for the future. In business terms a budget is usually expressed in formal quantitative term (MORE)

What is BASIC?

  (Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) A programming language developed by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz in the mid-1960s at Dartmouth College. Originally deve (MORE)

Can you quit basic basic training?

Yes you can quit basic training at any time, and receive a complementary bus ticket (possible plane ticket) home in most countries I know while I was in Basic I tried to quit (MORE)

What are the basics in c?

C programming language allows the developer to call previously written operations and definitions, written both by the developer, or by others. C's operators are: Addition, (MORE)

Basic and non-basic industries?

A basic industry sells its products outside the community, bringing money into the community. A non-basic industry sells its products within the community. It doesn't bring mo (MORE)

When and who developed the basic of visual basic?

  BASIC is an acronym (not a backronym) for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It was designed in 1964 at Dartmouth College by John Kemeny and Tom Kurtz to (MORE)

Basics of Database?

  A database is a list of records, each record contains the same information in the same format as every other record. Using a database enables the user to find one or mor (MORE)