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What is BASIC?

(B eginners A ll purpose S ymbolic I nstruction C ode) A programming language developed by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz in the mid-1960s at Dartmouth College. Originally d (MORE)

When and who developed the basic of visual basic?

BASIC is an acronym (not a backronym) for B eginner's A ll-purpose S ymbolic I nstruction C ode. It was designed in 1964 at Dartmouth College by John Kemeny and (MORE)

What are basic and non basic industries?

Basic industries don't depend on other industries to exist; their raw material is not the output of another industry, but rather their raw material is the stuff of nature itse (MORE)

What are the basic emotion and why are they called basic?

anger More information: The "basic emotions" are those that are the most simple and are not derived from some other feeling. One easily remembered formula is : Sad / Mad / (MORE)

Can you quit basic basic training?

Yes you can quit basic training at any time, and receive a complementary bus ticket (possible plane ticket) home in most countries I know while I was in Basic I tried to quit (MORE)
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What are basic and non - basic services?

Basic industries provide services to people outside the community, where non-basic industries provide services to people within the community.

Basic and non-basic industries?

A basic industry sells its products outside the community, bringing money into the community. A non-basic industry sells its products within the community. It doesn't bring mo (MORE)

How different is BASIC to Visual Basic?

The original BASIC of the 60s and 70s and the derivatives thereof which were popular in the 80s are fundamentally different than the current version of Visual Basic .NET. The (MORE)