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When was the bunt invented and by whom?

  Answer     It is long believed that a fellow by the name of Dickey Pearce invented the bunt. It's exact date is impoosible to say, but he played baseball in the (MORE)

How do you stop a squeeze bunt in baseball?

  Answer   Defending the Squeeze     The only way to defend a squeeze is to bust in hard. The pitcher has probably the best chance to field the ball and he h (MORE)

Does a sacrifice bunt count as an at bat?

  No   No, a successful sacrifice bunt does not count as an at bat. If the bunt is unsuccessful, the batter is charged with an at bat. Similarly, if the batter beats (MORE)
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What is basil?

Basil is an Old World aromatic annual herb (Ocimum basilicum) in the mint family, cultivated for its leaves. Also called sweet basil, the leaves of this plant are used as a se (MORE)

What is a slash bunt?

  A slash bunt is when the batter attemps to bunt the bat and while the ball comes back the batter swings instead of bunts and the main point of this is to hit it right by (MORE)
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Bunts OBC or not?

No under central list but yes under state list its under 3b category so applicable only to state jobs not central
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What is a fake bunt in softball?

A fake bunt is when you pretend to bunt the ball so you get down to your bunting position and once she releases the ball you pull the bat back up and hit it instead of hitting (MORE)

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Why is a batter out on a bunt on the second strike?

It is too easy to bunt a ball foul. A player could, in theory, continue to bunt the ball foul for 20 pitches and wear out the pitcher. The rule stating "Foul ball on a bunt is (MORE)