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What is a basilica?

The Latin word basilica (derived from Greek, Basiliké Stoà, Royal Stoa), was originally used to describe a Roman public building (as in Greece, mainly a tribunal), usually l (MORE)

How big is st peters basilica?

St. Peters Basilica, located in Vatican City, is 730-feet in  length, and 500-feet wide. The Basilica is 452-feet tall, and the  dome stands 137.7-feet tall on the outside. (MORE)

Is there a difference between a church and a basilica?

  A church is any gathering of Christian people wherever they meet - e.g. in a home, or a building designed for that purpose. So any gathering or place of Christian worshi (MORE)

Who built Saint Peter's Basilica?

Michelangelo contributed to most of the design for the St. Peters basilica, although the old St. Peters basilica was created during Constantine's power. After many designs tha (MORE)

What is Saint Peter's Basilica used for?

As pope, the Basilica is the church of the pope. As bishop of Rome,  the Basilica of Saint John Lateran is his church. The Basilica is  used for special Masses on importent (MORE)

What makes a Catholic Church a basilica?

A basilica is a designation that is given to a church by the Roman Curia (the governing body of the Church). The designation basilica is typically given to churches of particu (MORE)