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What is a basilica?

The Latin word basilica (derived from Greek, Basiliké Stoà , Royal Stoa ), was originally used to describe a Roman public building (as in Greece, mainly a tribunal), (MORE)

Who was The Basilica in Lourdes dedicated to?

The Basilica was dedicated to the Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette Soubirou who until now has never corrupted her body since 1879.\n\n
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Who built st Paul's basilica?

The Roman Emperor Theodosius I began construction of the Basilica of St Paul in 386.
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What is Saint Peter's Basilica used for?

As pope, the Basilica is the church of the pope. As bishop of Rome,the Basilica of Saint John Lateran is his church. The Basilica isused for special Masses on importent feast (MORE)

What is the Roman basilica?

A basilica in Roman times was a meeting hall. It was used for various purposes from legal affairs to trade.
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What is a Catholic basilica?

A basilica is a Catholic church that, because of its age or importance to the community, has been granted the honorary title. There are two types - a major basilica or a minor (MORE)

Why is St Mary's Basilica in Phoenix AZ called a Basilica?

Basilica is a name given to certain ancient churches in Rome and elsewhere which were built in the fourth century and later and were built in the form of the Roman Basilica. T (MORE)