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What is the size of basingstoke?

the approximate size of Basing stoke is 400kl by 372.44kl ^^ What a load of bollox instead of [improve] .. you should have a rating system .. the answer above is rubbish i w (MORE)
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Was basingstoke a village?

yes and no Basing was a village, but basingstoke was built next to it and Basing became "Old Basing" which is still a village with "Basing House" in it (and some of the best (MORE)

Where can you find out about hotels in Basingstoke?

Basingstoke is a city in the UK. Some hotel chains have hotels located in Basingstoke, such as Hilton Hotels. Local options are also available. Cheaper local options include t (MORE)
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Will it snow in basingstoke tomorrow?

You asked this question in May 2014, it will not snow inBasingstoke, England tommorrow, it's too warm.