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What is Basque?

A language and a people are what Basque is. Specifically, the language is spoken on both sides of the border separating southwestern France and northwestern Spain. The peopl (MORE)

Where do the Basques come from?

Spain and France Answer As for where they came from, their origins are somewhat mysterious. The Basque language (Euskara) is an extremely complex language which has no close r (MORE)
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Where are the Basque provinces?

France and Spain are the locations of the Basque provinces. Specifically, the seven Basque provinces are found on the northwestern and southwestern sides of the border betw (MORE)
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Where is basque spoken?

Spain and France: Basque is spoken by the Basque people that inhabit the Basque Country, which is a region that covers northeastern Spain and southwestern France.
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When did the Basque live?

Ancient and modern times are the periods during which the Basque people have lived and continue to live. Specifically, the Basque people are found on both sides of the borde (MORE)

What rhymes with basque?

1 syllable: ask, cask, flask, lask, mask, pasch, pask, pasque, rask, task, trask 2 syllables: bar mask, death mask, eye mask, face mask, half mask, life mask, ski mask, unm (MORE)
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What is 'castle' in Basque?

" Gaztelu " is a Basque equivalent of "castle." The Basque word is a noun. A Basque equivalent of "one castle" is " bat gaztelu ." The pronunciation is "baht gah-STEH-loo (MORE)