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Basque separation of Spain?

  I do not think the basque country should split since Spain is made up of different regions like Catalonia,Andalusia,and the rest they keep their unique identity and they (MORE)

Were the Basque people American Indians?

Definitely not. Although the Basque people are not classed as Indo-European, they are indigenous to the areas of France and Spain they occupy today - in other words they are t (MORE)

Where is Basque located?

Northern part of Spain, this region is always at odds with the rest of Spain are looking to become independent, which will never happen, Answer: Basque is a language/cultura (MORE)

How did the Basque people get to France?

  No one knows, a more correct question would be, how did the French get to France? seeing how the Basques have been there as long as history can record
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Did the Basque wear kilts?

Yes they did. They were shorter than those worn in Scotland and Ireland from what I understand. As to the textiles or patterns of the materials used I have no knowledge.
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What do the Basque people eat?

Dairy products, meat, seafood, and vegetables characterize the Basque cuisine. Specifically, the Basque people traditionally engage in farming, fishing, and herding. They hav (MORE)
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How many Basque Provinces are there?

In Spain there are four Basque provinces, three of which form the autonomous community of the Basque country. They are Araba, Bizkaia, and Gipuzkoa. The fourth province is Naf (MORE)