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What are the reasons of Bastille Day?

During the early stages of the French Revolution, the Parisians finally had enough of the French Monarchy and inequality. They attacked the Bastille (which was a famous prison (MORE)

Does Bastille Day mean something?

The expression "Bastille Day" exists only in English. The French name for France's national day is Fête Nationale, or more simply, le quatorze juillet. The French name do (MORE)

Who were the prisoners in the Bastille?

At the time it was stormed, there were seven. Jean Antoine Pujade,  Bernard Laroche, Jean Béchade and Jean La Corrège were forgers;  they were recaptured and put back in a (MORE)

Purpose of Bastille?

a) Fortress guarding the East of Paris (as the Louvre guarded the West), part of the city walls. b) When the city outgrew the walls, it became a barracks and a prison c) b (MORE)
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Why the fortress of Bastille hated by all?

not all people hated Bastille. it was very useful for the 2nd estate, because they had the power to put anyone behind bars if they flt like it. but they consisted of only 2% o (MORE)

Why is the Bastille named the Bastille?

The Bastille was originally named Bastille Saint-Antoine and located at 232 Rue (street) Saint Antoine. So it was named after it's location. It was built as a fort during the (MORE)

How do the French celebrate Bastille Day?

French people have the day off on the 14th of July. On the 13th there are usually public balls in towns often at the fire brigade barracks, and fireworks in scenic places. O (MORE)

What is Bastile Day?

Yes, it's a French holiday. Think of it as the 4th of July for the French. Bastille Day represents the French Revolution in 1789 against the tyranny of King Louis XVI, who had (MORE)