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What was the Bastille?

A former fortress in Paris, France that was built between 1370 and 1383. It was in use as a prison and became a focal point in the French Revolution. *improved by cheetah102 (MORE)

What about Bastille day?

Bastille day is celebrated in France every July 14. This year the14th falls on a Monday. In France, this day is called La FeteNationale or Le quatorze juillet. The day is cele (MORE)

What was the Bastille used for?

The Bastille, originally called the Chastel Saint-Antoine, was built to serve as a fort for the protection of the city. However, it became a state prison under the reign of Ca (MORE)

Where is the Bastille dungeons?

The Bastille was a prison, but it is not there anymore. It was stormed on July 14th 1789 and eventually demolished in that same year. The spot where the Bastille prison used (MORE)

Who was in the Bastille when it was stormed?

In 1789, during the storming of the Bastille, there were 7 prisoners. The Bastille represented royal authority and this was exactly what the French people wanted to rid themse (MORE)

Why is the Bastille named the Bastille?

The Bastille was originally named Bastille Saint-Antoine and located at 232 Rue (street) Saint Antoine. So it was named after it's location. It was built as a fort during the (MORE)
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What was bastille?

The Bastille was a French prison where mostly political prisonerswere held. On June 14th, 1780, the Bastille was stormed by Frenchcitizens, and the prisoners were freed. this (MORE)