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What is the battle of Bataan?

The Battle of Bataan represented the most intense phase of Imperial Japan 's invasion of the Philippines , in the early stages of the World War II . The capture of the Ph (MORE)

What happened in bataan?

The Japanese forced 75,000 Filipino and American prisoners to march 60 miles through the Bataan Peninsula of the Philippines. Only 54,000 managed to make it to Camp O'Donnell (MORE)

What is the food of bataan?

I am not really certain what you need to know about the food of Bataan since you put this in the World War 2 category. I suppose you want to know what the Japanese ate in Bata (MORE)

What happened in the Battle of Bataan?

The Battle of Bataan was fought between the American forces guarding the-then US "protectorate" of The Philippines and their Filipino allies against the invading Japanese duri (MORE)

What waws the bataan death march?

During World War Two the Japanese originally overran American and Philipino forces in the Philipine Islands. The prisoners they took, American and Philipino were forced to mar (MORE)

What were benefits from bataan death march?

That is insane to think there were benefits to the Bataan Death March. The only benefit would be to the descendents of the survivors. Most of the Survivors say they wish they (MORE)
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Where is bataan located?

Bataan is a peninsula located in part of the Zambales Mountains in part of the Philippines called Luzon. The Bataan Peninsula separates the South China Sea and Manila Bay.