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What is in your bathroom?

the toilet and the shower and a sink Towel Radiator Answer: My bathroom includes a toilet, bathtub, shower, 2 sinks, and a closet for towels and bath supplies. There i (MORE)

Where is a bathroom?

In a house, bathrooms are usually found towards the middle of the house so it is easily accessible from any area in your house. If you are referring to in a restaurant, bath (MORE)

What is Bathroom Trade?

Bathroom Trade is an UK-based retailer specialized in selling bathroom equipment. They are well-established, as they supply bathrooms from 1987. All their products are are fu (MORE)

How do you go bathroom?

girls go in the bathroom they go to the back pick a stall and lock it there is a toilet in front of you then turn around unbutton your pants and unzip your pants then you pull (MORE)

Who is the ruler of the bathroom?

It depends. If your dad reads on the toilet, like mine, then he DEFINITELY is. If you've noticed your cat drinking out of the toilet, then it's probably him instead. * * * (MORE)

Did Romans have bathrooms?

In the ancient time, the Romans didn't exactly have what we call a bathroom now. But they had buckets where they go do their "stuff".

Why bathroom fans?

Actually, I don't like bathroom fans. They do get rid of odours and steam, but at the same time are literally pumping the warm air out of your house, causing your furnace to t (MORE)