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How do you clean a bathtub?

I clean my tubs with dish washing liquid and a dryer sheet. Sounds wierd but it works great, and saves a lot of time & elbow grease!

How do you unplug a bathtub?

Try the classis drano method and plunge it. If this doesn't work go to your local hardware and ask for a snake. They are a pain but they work, the hardware will probably rent (MORE)

Who invented the bathtub?

In 1883 John Michael Kohler enamelled a cast iron horse trough, but people had been bathing in wooden and metal tubs for years before that.

What is a bathtub?

As we all know, bathtub is a container used mainly forbathing.It plays an important role in our family.It is good for ourhealth,such as blood pressure and muscles,it may bring (MORE)
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How do you have a baby in a bathtub?

Using an infant bathtub makes bathing a baby very easy. Many are designed so that a baby fits comfortably inside the tub. The problem with baby bathtub is that water gets grad (MORE)
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Can you pee in a bathtub?

Yes, it wont harm you, if you wash up right after then the pee wont get on you! If you have to pee then just go!

Were there bathtubs in the 1500s?

Yes, people have been using bathtubs for thousands of years.. However, that is not to say that every home everywhere in the 16th Century had a bathtub. That is not even true (MORE)

How do you break a bathtub?

Tubs are either acrylic, in which case you could saw them (preferred) or break them I suppose. A cast iron tub cannot be reduced in size, you have to take it out whole. my gu (MORE)