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Who invented Batik?

The exact inventor of Batik is unknown, though many sources claim batik hailed from Indonesia.

What is the method of batik?

Batik is a process that makes designs on fabric. Was preventscertain areas from taking the dye so that you can create a varietyof designs. The method is to cover areas that yo (MORE)

How do you make batik?

You basically work with unbleached muslin and put wax on it. You then dye it. The wax prevents the parts that you cover from being dyed. You then cover the parts you don't wan (MORE)
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Where did batik originate?

Batik is a method of decorating fabrics practiced for centuries by the natives of Indonesia , Africa and India

Where does batik come from?

Batik is made in many countries of the world. The techniqueinvolves placing wax on a fabric, then dipping the fabric into dye.The wax-covered parts resist the dye, creating a (MORE)

What is batik used for?

Batik is a decorative art form used on fabric. How it's done - A design is painted on untreated fabric using melted wax as a "resist" and the fabric is then dyed. - If m (MORE)

When was batik made?

Nobody is certain of an exact date that batik was made, but discoveries show that batik already existed in Egypt in the 4th century BCE, so it must have been created roughly d (MORE)

What is the History of batik?

Wax-resist dyeing techniques, called batik in insular SoutheastAsia, were practiced in the first millennium B.C. in Egypt and thefirst millennium A.D. in China and Japan. The (MORE)