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Why did we have pal battalions?

Answer . It encouraged voluntary enlistment, was a good Homefront patriotic ploy and produced units with enhanced morale.
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What is a battalion?

A battalion is a unit of military organization. It has no fixeduniversal definition as to the size or composition of it. However,it falls in the organizational hierarchy betwe (MORE)
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Battalion in a sentence?

General George Patton led the tank battalion in World War 2 in Italy, France, Germany, and Belgium. The men in battalion both loved and hated him because of his personality an (MORE)
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How bid is a battalion?

\nThe typical Infantry Battalion has three line companies and one Headquarters company, each line company has a nominal manned strength of 300 Troops, and the HQ company somet (MORE)
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What does a battalion comprise of?

several soldiers form a squad. several squads form a platoon. Several platoons form a company and several companies form a battalion.
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What is a battalion chief?

It depends on what kind of battalion you are talking about. A chief is ussually a former enlisted member who is qualified to be an officer but the combination of his or her (MORE)
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Who were the bantam battalion?

they were a small group of men too short to originally enlist for ww1, they all were between 5ft and 5ft 3inches
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What is a Battalion Runner?

a battalion runner was a solider in the world wars who ran messages from the main office (which where behind the trenches) to the front of the trenches where the message would (MORE)
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How many to a battalion?

An Infantry Batallion has a nominal strength of 1224. It can vary however from 300 to 1300
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Why was there a Mormon battalion?

The United States Military asked the Mormon pioneers to provide a regiment of men for the army to help fight in the Mexican-American War. The Mormons obeyed the request of th (MORE)