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What vehicles do tank battalions have?

During the Vietnam War US Army & US Marine Corps tank battalions consisted of about 57 M48A3 Patton tanks (sometimes 58 tanks). The M48 Patton was technically called the M48 9 (MORE)

What is a Battalion Runner?

a battalion runner was a solider in the world wars who ran messages from the main office (which where behind the trenches) to the front of the trenches where the message would (MORE)
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What is aids-?

AIDS is an acronym for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is a  disease that affects the human immune system. It can be spread  through bodily fluids such as blood and (MORE)
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How many troops in an army battalion?

The typical U.S. Army battalion is a unit of 800 - 900 soldiers.   Hard to give a definite answer because it can vary with time, place and type of unit. In the infantry and (MORE)

How many people in a battalion?

While the size of units varies from service to service, country to county and the era, currently a typical Battalion consists of somewhere between 300 and 1500 men. It will u (MORE)

Why was the maori battalion formed?

  It had been suggested that the NZ Gov't form a "Native Contingent" to serve in the 2nd Boer war (1899-1902) - but that plan never came to be (mainly due to the British f (MORE)

Equipment of the 70th Tank Battalion?

The Following is all but its Medical Detachment. For Operation "Husky": Lt. Colonel, Battalion Commander Major, Executive Officer Major, S-3 Operations & Training Captain (MORE)

Was the 863 battalion in the battle of the buldge?

There was the 863rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion (Automatic Weapons), which was among the "corps troops" of the V Corps, US First Army, which was in the Battle of the Bul (MORE)