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What direction does the batter face when in the batters box?

The batter faces towards home plate, with their feet just further than shoulder width apart. If the batter is right handed, they will stand to the left of the plate, looking o (MORE)
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What is Batters on a castle?

A section at the base of a castle wall that is angled in such a manner to make dropped stones bounce away from the curtain wall and into the enemy. The batters also add streng (MORE)

What is tempura batter?

Tempura is a Japanese method of preparing food. Meats, vegetables, and/or seafood are coated and fried in batter until golden. This style of cooking was brought to the Island (MORE)

How long can cake batter stay out before cooking?

If the recipe calls for baking soda, it must be panned and baked immediately. If the recipe calls for baking powder, you have more time to get it in the oven and you could ev (MORE)

Batter hits ball in the batters box?

If the batter makes contact with a batted ball while in the batter's box, it is a "dead" ball and declared foul.   ----------   True enough, sort of. If a batted ball to (MORE)

What is batters interference?

Batter's interference is when the batter interferes with the  catcher's ability to throw and catch a ball that is in play. An  example of this is if the batter were to obstr (MORE)

What is injin batter?

Perhaps you are referring to the game Indian Ball, which is a type of baseball game invented in the St. Louis area adapted to accommodate less than the number of players requi (MORE)

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