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How did Robert the Bruce kill the English knight Henry De Bohun just before the Battle of Bannockburn commenced?

Answer - The Death of Henry de Bohun   A group of English knights spotted the Scottish skirmish line retreating. One Scot alone seemed to be waiting for them, on a grey H (MORE)

What kind of battle was the Battle of Midway?

It was a sea and air battle - the first to take place between carriers and planes on both sides. It came about because of the fantastic work of the US cryptographers who could (MORE)

Who won the Battle of Bannockburn?

Robert the Bruce leader of the Scottish defeated Edward II, who escaped but was then murdered by his wife Isabella of France, and her new lover Earl of Mortimer. How did they (MORE)
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What happened directly after the Battle of Bannockburn?

%DETAILS%     That battle pretty much ended the war. After the battle, England pretty much left Scotland alone. ALso after the battle, major rebellions, such as that (MORE)

What really happened at the battle of bannockburn in 1314?

The Battle of Bannockburn was fought between English forces led by  Edward II and Scottish forces led by Robert the Bruce in June  (23-24) of 1314. Attempting to relieve the (MORE)

What is a battle?

Battle means:    a military fight between groups of soldiers, ships, airplanes,  etc.  a violent fight in which people use weapons  a fight between people or groups i (MORE)