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Who were the commanders or leaders in the Battle of Midway?

The Japanese leaders were the Japanese Combined Fleet commander Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and also admirals or captains Chuichi Nagumo, Nobutake Kondo, Ryusaku Yanagimoto and T (MORE)

Are there survivors of Battle of Midway island?

The Battle of Midway took place in 1942, now seventy years ago. Veterans of the battle are now in their eighties and nineties so some are still with us. However, if you are a (MORE)

Why did the Japanese lose the Battle of Midway?

A chain of twisted fates and some advanced knowledge of Japanese battle plans.   1. The US breaks the Japanese naval code thus giving them knowledge of Japanese plans and i (MORE)

What happened in the Battle of Midway?

The Japanese were trying to capture the island for use as an air base supporting operations against Hawaii. They also hoped to draw the U.S. Pacific fleet into a battle where (MORE)

What events led to the Battle of Midway?

  Following the inconclusive Battle of the Coral Sea (May, 1942) Japan realized that the US carriers (while outnumbered) represented a threat to their continued landing op (MORE)

How did the battle at midway help the us?

At Midway, the US Fleet was able to use its advantage in code breaking to ambush the Japanese as they attacked Midway, hoping to draw the American carriers into an uneven batt (MORE)