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What is the capital of Santiago?

Santiago, also known as Santiago de Chile, is the  capital and  largest city of Chile.
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Is there a bus from santiago airport to talca?

I can't say with absolute authority, but I'm pretty positive there is no bus directly from the airport to Talca. You'd have to get a bus or colectivo into the center and then (MORE)
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What does Santiago mean?

Santiago is Spanish for St. James The name Santiago goes back to the Apostle James (Saint James = Santiago) who went to this most north-western part of Spain, called by the (MORE)
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What is the highest temp in Santiago?

Santiago is Chile's capital which is also the largest city in the  South American country. The highest temperature in Santiago is 35  degrees Celsius which is equivalent to (MORE)
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Who is cylie santiago?

Cylie Santiago is an old sitemodel who was mostly on youtube and faceboook until someone hacked her facebook and disabled it. ever sense then cylie has not made any other acco (MORE)
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Representative of ResMed in Santiago Chile?

Dear friend : This is representative in Chile. I bought my computer in this company   Air Liquide CHILE    Sucursal SantiagoJefe de Venta: Nathaly Van De Wyngard Direcc (MORE)
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How do you say Santiago in french?

Santiago is a Spanish name meaning Saint James. (Santo+"Yago" an old Spanish form of James" The french name most related is "Jacques" (pronounced ZHAK) In English James or (MORE)