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What battle was a great victory for the Sioux?

Battle of the Little Bighorn in June 1876 between a squadron of the 7th US Cav and the Sioux nation. Not to be confused with the film starring Mel Gibson's (as LTC Moore) "We (MORE)
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What is a meadow?

  An area of land filled with grass A tract of grassland used for pasture or serving as a hayfield.     or      A tract of grassland in an upland area near (MORE)
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Meadow in a sentence?

I am relaxing in the meadow. Meet me at the meadow. The meadow came alive with the sound of the crickets and the birds!
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What was Alexander The Great rank in battle?

Upon the death of his father, King Philip of Macedonia, Alexander the Great rose to the throne as Alexander III, king of Macedonia. On his famous march across the world, he ra (MORE)

Did Alexander the Great ever lose a battle?

Technically no. Although he suffered severe losses in some battles, most notably in his conflict with King Porus of India, he held the field in every battle he fought. However (MORE)

Who defeated Alexander the Great in the Battle of Waterloo?

No army defeated Alexander the Great at Waterloo. He was a  "No-Show" at that particular fracas and sent in the Grande  Armie of France as a stand-in or substitute under the (MORE)

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