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What is the ironclad battleship?

Wooden warships with iron bolted on top of them. However, during the 1904 Russo-Japanese War, Russian sailors often referred to their steel battleships as "ironclads."
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What was the ironclad battleship?

Wooden warships plated with iron. In 1883 the US Navy began construction of all steel battleships (not wood plated with metal). However the name "ironclad" stuck by some of th ( Full Answer )
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Why are battleships obsolete?

Battleships are obsolete because of the use of missles. In today's navy, any vessel can be fitted with cruise missles capable of sending accurate strikes at long distances.. ( Full Answer )
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What is a battleship?

A battleship is a type of warship armed with heavy guns, and with metal armor since the late 1800's. The navies of the world dispensed with the battleship after World War 2 in ( Full Answer )
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What are the type of battleship?

1. Pre-Dreadnaught 12" gunned Russian Battleships at the Battle of Tsushima in 1905.. 2. Dreadnaught 12"/13"/14" gunned US/British Battleships WWI.. 3. Fast Battleships Iowa ( Full Answer )
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How do you play battleship?

In order to play Battleship you have to place a few ships (At least five ships) over a Grid that would says letters and number around the grid. The opponent does the same thin ( Full Answer )
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Is there a battleship Oklahoma?

You can probably say that it still exists. Because she still rests on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California. Sunk during the Pearl Harbor attack, she w ( Full Answer )
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Why does the us not have battleships?

Because an aircraft carrier can destroy a battleship. Carriers began destroying battleships in WWII. Prior to WWII, the battleships ruled the seas; after 10 December 1941, air ( Full Answer )
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When did battleships come out?

Modern steel battleships, as people know them today came out in the 1880s. The only true modern steel battleship fleet sea battle took place on 27 May 1905 in the Tsushima Str ( Full Answer )
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What were battleships made for?

To fight a decisive fleet action from the battle-line. It only happened once with steel battleships, at Tsushima in 1905 (never before, nor never since).