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When is the next Battlestar Galactica episode?

Answer . Season 4 will premier in the U.S. in March 2008. The two-hour special "Battlestar Galatica: Razor," a prelude to Season 4, aired on November 24, 2007. It will b (MORE)

Is there a LEGO Battlestar Galactica?

You will not find a Lego set with instructions for this. As far as I know SciFi network doesn't have a marketing agreement with Lego, and therefore would not be marketing any (MORE)
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When does battlestar galactica start again?

Battlestar Galactica was due to be finished late 2008, but because of the writers strike in America, it is probably going to be finished early-mid 2009.
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Where is Battlestar Galactica made?

It`s filmed in Vancover. Mostly in the studios Vancouver Film S tudios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Find out more here : (MORE)
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How many Battlestars are there?

The Original Series began with 12 - one per colony world, with the Galactica representing Caprica. As the series ran the existence of other battlestars is referenced, notably (MORE)
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What is a battlestar galactica?

It is a space warship featured in a series of science fiction television series. A battlestar is a warship that combines elements of a battleship and aircraft carrier. In the (MORE)
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Is a battlestar galactica a android?

No, Battlestar Galactica is a television show. However it does feature a race of mechanical lifeforms known as the Cylons, some of which look like androids.
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Why do they say frak in battlestar galactica?

We can assume that, as it follows citizens from the twelve colonies of humanity who haven't lived on Earth, (despite bearing striking similarities to us in other ways) the wor (MORE)
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Who won the war in battlestar galactica?

It can be said that both wars were brought to a stalemate. The first war ended when the Final Five arrived from Earth and called for a ceasefire between the Cylons and Man in (MORE)
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How do you fire on Battlestar Galactica online?

In BSG Online weapons fire is automatic; if you have a weapon highlighted on the disply on the lower right corner of the screen, and have an object (enemy, asteroid, etc) targ (MORE)