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Did Jesus have a beard?

Yes, according to the prophecy of his ministry and suffering in Isaiah Ch. 50. Here, in v. 6, Jesus yielded to those who scourged him and to them who plucked off the hair from (MORE)

What is tax?

tax is somthing you pay every time you buy somthing (i.e vat is a tax) everything has tax on it     Ans   More commonly, tax is considered just about anything you (MORE)

Why do bearded dragons put their beards out?

beardies put their beard out sometimes to display aggression if there is another male or just something as simple as picking it up the wrong way. but the cool thing about bear (MORE)

Why do I get bumps on my beard?

its just part of the texturing. unless you have REALLY big bumps, in which case you have a glitch.  Some people are prone to razor bumps more than others due to their hair ty (MORE)
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When do you get your beard?

Most guys start growing facial hair around the age of 14 or whenever you hit puberty
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What is a forking beard?

A beard that separates in the middle. It forks in two different directions, like an upside down V.
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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Bible and beards?

  Leviticus chapter 13 verse 29 and 30   chapter 14 verse 19   chapter 19 verse 27   chapter 21 verse 5   1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 35   chapter 21 verse 13 (MORE)

When are taxes do?

Federal income taxes are due April 15 of the following year. Most state income taxes are due the same day, but check with your state. Other taxes such as property taxes, e (MORE)
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Why do Jewish have beards?

They don't all have beards. Hasidic Jews have the custom to keep beards, but many orthodox Jews shave. Shaving is permitted only in certain ways. Shaving with a razor is forbi (MORE)