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What is a beat?

When listening to a song, you may find yourself tapping yourfoot or moving in a regular manner. If so, you were responding tothe "beats" of the music. Beats are the regular, r ( Full Answer )
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What is Have a beat on it?

A beat is a musical tempo. The idiom " have a bead on "means to be aiming at, as the bead of a gun sight.
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Who will beat undertaker beat WrestleMania?

Triple H will because in 2011 he is better than ever so he could pedigree him lots of times so that he could win. Or HBK will come in while Triple H is distracting the ref and ( Full Answer )
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What is Beat it about?

It is about the futility of gang violence, and how you should walk away from violent confrontation rather than fight and die or get hurt.
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Do you beat the game after you beat red?

yeah pretty much you will beat the game after you or me beat red..... BY:Ashaunty Scott
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How do you beat Beat Chinatown Hitman?

Run Over Him use a tank Snipe his head eat him feed it to your dogs feed it to your zombie kill it beat it! just beat it! i know you got the feeling feeling!
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Why heart beat beat irregularly?

It is when you have a heart problem or when you haeve your palpitation your hearts beats faster.
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How much beats does your heart beat?

In order to answer this properly, you will need to clarify the question. The sentence makes no sense what so ever. I can say the average adult human heart beats 60-100 times a ( Full Answer )
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Why are 2 beats in our heart beat?

We hear the "lub" and the "dub" called S1 and S2 because of theclosure of our heart valves. The S1 is produced when our Mitral andTricuspid (M1 and T1 components) valves close ( Full Answer )