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How many beats are there in a horses canter?

  A canter is called a three beat gait because you hear three distinct sounds. This is because two of the horse's feet hit the ground at the same time. There are two possi (MORE)

Where can you find a horses heart beat?

You find a horses heart-beat in their chest, put the stethescope and place it slightly to the right of the middle of the horses chest and listen, if you can't hear it on that (MORE)

Can maggots form in a dead horse?

No. However, flies may lay their eggs in the flesh of a dead horse, and these become maggots which feed on the rotting flesh until they hatch into flies.
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Which pace of a horse is a 2 beat gait?

Both pacing and trotting are two beat gaits. Pacing is when both legs on one side of the body move in unison. This isn't a natural gait for most horses. Trotting is when d (MORE)

What is the meaning of the idiom flogging a dead horse?

Flogging a dead horse (alternatively beating a dead horse in some parts of the Anglophone world) is an idiom that means a particular request or line of conversation is already (MORE)

What does it mean when a horse is dead lame?

Dead lame means the horse basically can't move. It can also mean 'three legged lame' where three of the horses legs are lame.
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