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What is beauty to you?

Beauty is something that you would never get tired of looking. It's  not just about the beauty you acquired from different treatments in  spa. It's also about the beauty of (MORE)

Why are you beautiful?

Beauty is from the heart. bet you have heard that a million times. Well it is true.  You know those mean girls, the ones that think that they are a million dollars and so pe (MORE)
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Am I beautiful?

Of course, you are. Being beautiful doesn't always have to be in  the outside appearance (Ok fine, sort of). But in the end, it's  your character that can make you stan out (MORE)
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Are foxes beautiful?

Most foxes especially red foxes are extremely beautiful! Especially in the wintertime when their coats are long and red. Fennec Foxes are really cute too! With their big ears (MORE)
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What will you do to be beautiful?

Live a healthy life style. Taken care your self not only the outside but also inside health is important. Regular visit to your doctor/beauticians http://antiwrinklebrisbane.c (MORE)
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What is beautiful in kerala?

Kerala is one of the most beautiful place on the earth. It is also  known as the paradise for the honeymooners. Houseboat cruise are  breathtaking which will make you get gr (MORE)

What does it mean to be beautiful?

To be Beautiful, means that something or someone gives pleasure to those who see it/them. It also means that you are very nice or lovely in appearance, personality, etc.
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How do you get beautiful?

Believe you are. Post notes on your mirror reminding you howbeautiful you are, memorize it so that you can say it looking atyourself in the mirror and put it into practice eve (MORE)