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What is the word ''because''?

Because in a conjunction - its function is to serve as a connectorbetween words. Other words in this group are 'and, however and but'
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What is the contraction for because?

There is no contraction for because. Some people say 'cause' as aninformal wording, but 'cause isn't a contraction. ABBREVIATIONS Most people write 'bc' or 'b/c' for ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for because?

as, as a result of, as long as, as things go, being, by cause of, by reason of, by virtue of, considering, due to, for, for the reason that, for the sake of, in as much as, in ( Full Answer )
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How do you shorten because?

'cause This is usually only accepted in creative writing especially poetry to make the work fit a certain number of syllables.
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Is because of a preposition?

yah bcuz itz fkin awwwsumm nd i love blaise??? who iz the person who iz typeing iddk knoe find out nd last name iz manabe????? :P :P:P :P :P :P
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What is 'because'?

because is a word that u use to explain why you have chosen that opinion such as I like chips because the are lovely. does that help now
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Who was the song Because Of You about?

I assume you are referring to the hit song by Kelly Clarkson. She originally wrote a version of it when she was 16 years old; it helped her to cope with the emotional distress ( Full Answer )
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You get wind because?

We get wind because: . Some places are warmer than others . The warm air heats up becomes light and rises . The cool air moves in to replace it .
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What is the difference between because and because of?

the difference is because , the regular word because isn't taking about a specific thing it's talking explaining something to someone like a past, future or present event unli ( Full Answer )
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Is because a pronoun?

The word because is a conjunction, a word used to connect words, phrases, or clauses. Example: I wasn't at school because I was sick.