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What does ich dien mean in english?

Ich Dien means "I serve". It's a kind of Welsh motto. Something like the Welsh eqivalent of "The Pledge of Allegience." It is the motto of the Prince of Wales, rejected by s (MORE)

What does ich wohne mean?

  'Ich wohne' means 'I live....', or 'I dwell....' (not I am alive) and would be followed by a place, like 'Ich wohne in Berlin' which means 'I live in Berlin'.
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What is ich dich auch in English?

I think one can't directly translate that because in English such a construction requires a verb, thinking about it, it isn't a complete sentence in German either as it's lack (MORE)

What time should a 1 year old go to bed?

I have a 1 year old daughter and I normally put her to bed around 8 and if she crys I let her self sooth by crying try eventually stop around about ten or so minutes after
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What is ich means in computer?

In computers, ICH stands for I/O Controller Hub. It is a southbridge chip on motherboards with Intel chipsets and is used to connect and control peripheral devices.
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What does ich mochte mean in English?

mochte is the 1st and 3rd person past tense of the verb mögen and translates as liked - Ich mochte sie - I liked her. Compare with möchte which is the first person present t (MORE)

Can your Oscar fish live with ich?

No it can not. Ich is a parasite and it will (wipe out a whole aquarium) kill any fish if it is not dealt with (treated) in time.
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