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What subway do you take from 48th Street in Manhattan to Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn?

It's very, very difficult to provide useful directions, without knowing where on Bedford Avenue you're going to, not to mention where on 48th Street you're coming from. Bedfor (MORE)

What is the setting of flip by martyn bedford?

The setting of the book 'Flip' by Martyn Bedford are two totally  different cities. London, England and Litchbury, England. London as  we all know is in fact a real city, wh (MORE)

Who is Nathan Bedford Forrest?

Answer   He was a Confederate Lieutenant General who served as one of the most gifted cavalry and guerrilla commanders of the American Civil War. After the war he became (MORE)

How far is Bedford Kentucky from Louisville Kentucky?

The driving distance between Louisville, KY and Bedford, KY is approximately 42 miles. The driving time would be approximately 45 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in goo (MORE)
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Why is a Brooklyn strike called a Brooklyn?

My guess is because Brooklyn lanes are historically poorly maintained leading to dry conditions. These dry lane conditions lead to the ball hooking to the "Brooklyn" side of t (MORE)

Was Nathan Bedford a Democrat?

Yes, Nathan Bedford ran as a Democrat in 1868 for Memphis alderman  and was eventually elected to the US Congress as a Democrat.
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How many miles from bedford to harrogate?

182 miles taking this route: Take A428 NORTHAMPTON, from Bedford, to M1 to The NORTH.Take M1 to The NORTH to A1(M) to The NORTH to WEATHERBY.Take A1(M) to The NORTH to A59 to (MORE)