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Why do you think the Bedouins became nomads?

Because they didnt have stable homes,they moved from place to  place.    The desert did not provide sufficient farmland to form a sedentary  farming economy, but did (MORE)

How do you use Bedouin in a sentence?

The bedouins went to the oasis to get some water, and to their camals.
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What is the official language of the Bedouins?

Bedouins do not form a country by their own, so we cannot say they have an 'official' language. But the common language they speak is Arabic which is the language spoken by mo (MORE)

How do the Bedouins survive?

As the Bedouins keep herds of goats, they eat (or drink) milk, cheese and yoghurt. They can have meat from their live stock, and they wear long and loose clothing to protect t (MORE)

Why are the Bedouins nomads?

The bedouins are nomads because they moved for watehole to waterhole with their flock of animals they never settled in a permanent city
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What were Bedouin clans?

Bedouin clans were nomadic tribes of pre-Islam. Clans placed heavy values on their strong kin-based ties due to harsh living conditions and the common threat of war between th (MORE)

Why was the Kaaba significant to the Bedouins?

The Kaaba was significant to the Bedouins because it housed images  of their gods. It is a cuboid building in Mecca, which is in Saudi  Arabia.
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What were the bedouin organized into?

The bedouins were organized into tribes, and the name of the tribe  derived from an ancestor.
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How did bedouins live in the desert?

They lived in tents and ate dry fruit and nuts.   They also drank milk from their animals, and rarely ate meat. Their animals were much to valuable to eat.   They li (MORE)

What do Saudi Bedouins eat?

Bedouin food has not changed much over the centuries. Bedouins not only eat the animals they herd which are camels, sheep and goats, they also eat cheese, yogurt and milk fr (MORE)