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What is a box bedroom?

Answer . A box bedroom is a bedroom in which you store all of your boxes when you first move-in or when you're getting ready to move out. A box bedroom is generally a bed ( Full Answer )
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How do you exit your bedroom?

Staggering put one leg over the other...walk to your door and open it..repeat and fall to the ground on the other side
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What happens in a bedroom?

The most common occurrences in a typical bedroom include sleeping, or resting; where one keeps their personal belongings, and where one dresses in their daily attires.
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Is a bedroom a bedroom without a closet?

If there's a bed in the room it makes it a bedroom not to much of a debate there. Not all bedrooms have a closet.
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What is bedroom' in Spanish?

sala de dormir (literally, room for sleeping) habitación (like an animal habitat, but it means bedroom) dormitorio (this does NOT mean dormitory, just bedroom)
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What is a metaphor for a bedroom?

A metaphor for a bedroom could be, " His bedroom is like a saunasince the air conditioner broke." Another metaphor that could beused is, " The bedroom is so messy, it looks li ( Full Answer )
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How to personalize your bedroom?

Well a good way of persinolizing your bedroom is ,firstly you need to find your taste in something that you like and maybe paint your room a light clout which will make your r ( Full Answer )
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What is Latin for 'bedroom'?

The sleeping rooms in a Roman domus (private house) were called "cubicula," from which we get our word "cubicle," which is an area on a office floor that has nothing to do w ( Full Answer )
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What is a bedroom-?

A bedroom is a room where people sleep. Generally, a bedroomcontains furniture such as a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser. Itmay also contain bookshelves, a music system, a mi ( Full Answer )