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How do bees communicate with other bees?

Most bee communication happens through pheromones, or scents. They will also brush each other with their antennae, and honeybees have developed a type of "dance" to communicat (MORE)

Can a bee sting a bee?

Yes. A newly-emerged queen will look for and sting through any other queen cells to kill the developing queen inside, and guard bees at the hive entrance will sting any bees (MORE)

How do you get a bee stinger out of a bee sting?

Scrape it with a knife or credit card or something similar. Never  squeeze it because you will allow more venom into the puncture  wound. Tweezers would be a bad idea, becau (MORE)

Why is the bumble bee not a bee?

A bumble bee is a bee -- just a different sort of bee. Bumble bees do collect nectar and make honey, but not in large enough quantities to make it worth harvesting. However (MORE)

Are nurse bees the friendliest bees?

The friendliest bees in a hive are the drones (males), because they don't have a stinger. Otherwise, any bee will sting something close to her if she feels it is threatening h (MORE)

What makes a bee a bee?

the honey bee has been around for millions of years.honey bees are enviromentally friendly and are vital as is the only insect that produces food by manhoney is (MORE)