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What is a bee?

a bee is a insect which is known to sip nectar Bees are insects which belong to the Superfamily Apoidea. They have 4 wings and forked hair. A bee is an insect that lives in a (MORE)

How do bees get it on?

honey bees get it on in flight. the queen flies out of the colony and the males (drones) find her and mate with her in flight. sadly the male does after he finishes "called po (MORE)

How do you get rid of a bee hive when the bees are in it?

I think you can use smoke, I'm pretty sure they dislike that. You need to buy a special spray or foam that kills/suffocates the bees first. Spray this into the nest, or fil (MORE)

How do you know which bee is queen bee?

Most likely you will never see the queen bee. She is under guard deep in the hive. If you happen to destroy the hive to find her, she will be a large distorted bee with most o (MORE)