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How does a bee become a queen bee?

  Strangely, it is the workers, not the queen, that determine a particular egg should develop into a queen. When the colony decides that more queens are needed, either i (MORE)

How do bees make the queen bee?

When a queen bee dies or leaves with a swarm, several young larvae will be selected as new contenders for the throne and will be fed exclusively on royal jelly, a substance se (MORE)

How do you get rid of killer bees and or bees?

The best practice is to try contacting the professional bee removal service. Theses bees get the name killer as they are very dangerous insects and have to be handled with car (MORE)

Are bumble bee the baddest bee?

It's not clear what "baddest" is supposed to mean here. Bumble bees are a group of related species in the genus Bombus. None of the species in this genus are particularly aggr (MORE)

Is it a hive of bees or swarm of bees?

Both. A hive is an artificial home that a beekeeper provides for his bees.. A swarm of bees is a huge cloud of bees which occurs naturally during the bee reproducing process.
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What are Queen Bees and want to Bees?

The phrase is spelled, "W-A-N-N-A-B-E" with no spacing and no extra E. A Wannabe is someone that wants to be someone or something else. It is a derogatory comment, a put down. (MORE)

What bee is the largest bee in the world?

The largest bee in the UK is a bumblebee, bombus terrestris. The queen is 20 to 22 mm long and can weigh as much as 0.85g. Workers are from 11 to 17 mm long; and the drones ar (MORE)
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Where do bees make their bee hive?

Depends on the bee. European honey bees prefer large hollow cavities that are easily defended. African honey bees are less picky and will even build hives on exposed tree bran (MORE)
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Are bees gnats?

No. Gnats are related to mosquitoes. Bees do not feed off human flesh or blood.
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