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Do rabbits eat a beech hedge?

Yes they will eat the lower new leaves and ones higher up too if they can get at them. They will also have a chew at the bark and if left to their own devices will ruin a newl (MORE)
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What is beech used for?

Beech is fairly even grained, tough (but dimensionally unstable) and is used for indoor furniture, flooring, plywood, drum frames, firewood (excellent!) beer making, as a basi (MORE)

What nuts are not nuts?

Many things that are called nuts actually aren't by the strict botanical definition. For example: almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamias, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, pist (MORE)

Who is Dr. beeching?

Dr. Beeching was the person responsible for destroying British Rail in the 1960's with his short-sighted solutions to very real problems. He closed half of the railway lines, (MORE)
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What is beech wood normally used for?

Beech wood is a "blond" temperate hardwood. In my house the  banisters are made out of it.
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