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What is beeswax?

Beeswax is the sticky, wax-like liquid that bees use it to make their honeycombs, which is where they make honey.

What is the origin of Beeswax?

Beeswax comes from the honeycomb of the bee. The series ofhexagonal shapes that the bee lives in is melted after extractingthe honey. This creates the beeswax that is used in (MORE)

How do you get Beeswax from a beehive?

Beeswax is gathered from the hive by harvesting the sections ofhoneycomb where the queen bee lays her eggs. Then it is melted downand poured into molds that look like bricks. (MORE)

Is beeswax honey?

No, beeswax is extruded from wax glands on the underside of the abdomen of worker bees as thin plates of wax. These are manipulated by the bees' manidbles to shape them and pu (MORE)
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What can beeswax be used for?

Beeswax can now be used for a multitude of purposes. Beeswax is used in soap making, candle making, making cosmetics, lip balms, water proofing leather and wood as in boat bui (MORE)

What is beeswax made of?

Beeswax is produced by glands on the underside of a bee's abdomen. The glands produce liquid wax which sets into little flakes of solid wax about the size of a pinhead on cont (MORE)
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What do you use beeswax for?

you can use beeswax in handmade body butters,lip balm,hand cream,lotions and soaps it works great i make lip balm and soaps all the time with them you can get it in blocks our (MORE)