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What is the definition of bittersweet?

Bittersweet can mean an outcome for something that was wished for, but with unforeseen consequences. (The film's ending was bittersweet...) Bittersweet or bitter sweet is bes (MORE)

What is a bittersweet story?

A story which is both happy and sad. Often to the extreme in the ending. Such stories typically bring these emotions by centralizing around a character who is easily empathize (MORE)

What does bittersweet mean?

The adjective, "bittersweet," is an oxymoron. This means that it contradicts itself. It refers to whatever it is describing as bitter AND sweet. Bitter means there is somethin (MORE)

How do you substitute Bittersweet chocolate with unsweetened chocolate?

These are essentially the same thing. You can use them both the same   Actually, they bitersweet is NOT the same as unsweetened chocolate. Bittersweet is slightly sweetened (MORE)

Is 70 percent cocoa bittersweet?

According the general population, anything over 35% cocoa is bittersweet. I also believe that 35% is the requirement for something to be labeled bittersweet by the FDA. Mae2 (MORE)

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