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How do kangaroos behave?

A kangaroo lives in a group. For the most part, the members of the group get along together, and protect each other. In the mating season, however, the males box with each oth (MORE)
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How do sharks behave?

They behave the way their instincts tell them to. They live in thewater, eat food when they are hungry, and hang out with othersharks.
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Who is not behaving?

You can tell if they are not behaving on the way they act. If they are obeying the rules, that's GOOD behavior. If they DISOBEY the rules, that is bad behavior.

Why do you behave in which way you behave?

The Bible explains that we are all born in a fallen state. In other words our natural self is one of selfishness and rebellion. At the same time, God, through conscience or hi (MORE)
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How does a raven behave?

They hang around in groups called murders and squawk at almosteverything. They eat almost anything.

How does a cat behave?

Cats can have various behaviors. Typically they are mellow and they sleep about 17 hours per day. Their attitude is definitely different than a dog's. Cats tend to act more st (MORE)

How you will behave to a scrub?

A scrub is a person who doesn't like to clean up themselves, theydon't shower, they don't brush their hair, or brush their teeth.They aren't generally people to be dating beca (MORE)

How does a tarantula BEHAVE?

Tarantula behavior can vary between species and ranges from totally docile to jumpy and aggressive. A docile tarantula is happy to just stay still most of the time and dig or (MORE)

How do orangutans behave?

Male orangutans are usually aggressive towards each other and fight over females. Females occasionally go out but not as much as males because they are either looking after a (MORE)