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How do sheep behave?

'Baa'dly Sheep are grazing animals and ruminants so they will eat pasture then sit down and chew their cud then get up and chew some more grass and continue this routing all (MORE)

How do dingoes behave?

Dingoes usually enjoy being alone, or rouge. But during the mating  season will travel to find mates. Dingoes are the close relatives  to dogs, but should NOT be treated lik (MORE)

How does a lobster behave?

A lobster is always well mannered and courteous, unless you insult his mother in which case he can become volatile.
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How do emus behave?

Emus are very curious birds. They are most known for their tendency to examine and peck at anything that interests them. They will actively chase something of interest, and fo (MORE)

How do chickens behave?

They Some Times Are Aggressive but normally if you don't annoy them they wont harm you
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How do cows behave?

Cows differ widely in temperament. Some are always gentle; others are quite active, alert, and somewhat nervous under normal conditions and very excitable under stress. Most c (MORE)

What rhymes with behave?

  There are many words that rhyme with behave. These include:   * brave  * cave  * crave  * dave  * gave  * grave  * knave  * pave  * rave  * save  * shave (MORE)

How do goats behave?

It all depends on how they are raised. If they are bottle fed young they will have a deep love for humans and act like puppies following you everywhere!! If they are just boug (MORE)

How do leopards behave?

  well they behave like tigers but they also act like big cats well they are so they act like wolves when they are mad at someone  
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How do you behave with your boss?

  Answer   You didn't give us much to go on. If your boss is putting the 'hit' on you that is considered 'sexual harassment.' If he isn't and you really care for him (MORE)