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How do you you behave in a mosque?

Several Rules include: Don't run.Don't talk during the lectures.Don't talk during prayers.Wear loose clothing.Wear long clothing.Women: wear head scarves.Offer to help out as (MORE)
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How do shark behave?

There is little known about shark behavior because the shark  constantly stirs silt from the bottom of the ocean, making viewing  the shark hard. Behavior about feeding is k (MORE)

How does a tarantula BEHAVE?

Tarantula behavior can vary between species and ranges from totally docile to jumpy and aggressive. A docile tarantula is happy to just stay still most of the time and dig or (MORE)

How did mammoths behave?

Mammoths behaved pretty much like elephants do today. They  travelled in herds, mated for life, and ate plants. The wooly  mammoth was one of the largest creatures of its ti (MORE)

How does a lizard behave?

That would depend on the species of lizard, itas age and the time  of year.
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How does a dingo behave?

A dingo has a variety of behaviors. They are curious, and playful.  They are not aggressive. However, you should not try to touch one,  they do not like being touched or pet (MORE)

How do the tigers behave?

The behavior of different tigers may vary. Some are territorial and vicious, while others are mainly tame. Save the tigers!
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How do koalas behave?

Koalas generally avoid human contact. They are sedentary creatures  that prefer to remain within the safety of their home trees, but  they will readily pass by people on the (MORE)