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What did bes do?

Bes was the Egyptian god of the home, childbirth, infants, humor, song and dance. .
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What does 'being qua being' mean?

as your self how to i get a girl? well girls are attracted to things. if i could be that thing then what girls will be attracted to me. Well one thing is different from anothe ( Full Answer )
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What is is am are was were be being?

Helping Verbs are as follows, am is are was were be being been have has had do does did shall will should would may might must can could
In Relationships

What is ''being there for her''?

Making Her happy when she's sad. Being there for her wheneVer she needs you. Being her shoulder to cry on.
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What to do about being?

Do what you want and be what you want. God gave us the free will to do so. Use it
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Is being a president about being famous?

yes, but being a president not all about being famous. its about being fair and protecting the country. what would u do if u were a president.....going around and tell that ( Full Answer )
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What if you were being recorded with out being told?

Depending on who it was that was doing it, (wiretaps with warrants ARE lawful) and you can prove it happened, you may have cause for filing a criminal complaint against the pa ( Full Answer )
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Is being in the army being a patriot?

Yes, Because You may have seen the movie Patton, in which GeorgeC. Scott gives a rousing speech. This movie moment is based off ofa speech given to the Third Army just before ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between is being and was being?

It's the difference between past and present. She is being supportive. This is an action in the present that is on-going. She was being supportive. This is an action that hap ( Full Answer )