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What is the national anthem of the Iran Republic?

Here is the Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with English sub-titles. Iranian national Anthem is named "Sar zad AZ ofoq" and the full text is as follows: سر زد (MORE)

What is the national anthem of Dominican Republic?

Himno Nacional Dominicano Quisqueyanos valientes, alcemos Nuestro canto con viva emoción, Y del mundo a la faz ostentemos Nuestro invicto glorioso pendón. ~ ¡Salve el pueb (MORE)

What are the national holidays in Dominican Republic?

2011 Dominican National Holidays   Janurary1 New Year's Day 10 Día de los Santo Reyes Magos - Epifania Three Kings Day - Epiphany (official 6th) 21 Our Lady of Altagracia (MORE)

What is the nationality of the Central African Republic?

There are more than 80 ethnic groups in the Central African Republic (CAR), each with its own language. About 50% are Baya-Mandjia, 40% Banda (largely located in the northern (MORE)

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