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What is the national anthem of the Iran Republic?

Here is the Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with English sub-titles. Iranian national Anthem is named "Sar zad AZ ofoq" and the full text is as follows: سر زد (MORE)

What is the Pyrenees republic?

The Pyrenees are a European mountain range. France is a republic, in which the northern portion of the Pyrenees are located. Spain, where their southern portion is located, is (MORE)

What changes took place when Trinidad became a republic nation?

The office of governor general was replaced by the president of the republic. The constitution was changed to a a new republican constitution. Trinidad ceased being a monarchy (MORE)

What is Republic Act 9163 or National Service Training Program?

Republic Act 9163 is an act establishing the National Service Training Program (NSTP) for tertiary level students. Its short title is "National Service Training Program (NSTP) (MORE)

What are the national holidays in Dominican Republic?

2011 Dominican National Holidays   Janurary1 New Year's Day 10 Día de los Santo Reyes Magos - Epifania Three Kings Day - Epiphany (official 6th) 21 Our Lady of Altagracia (MORE)

What is Czech Republic national bird?

There is no "official" national bird in Czech culture. But Czechs often uses attributes of falcon (Sokol) - this bird gave name to the biggest Czech national organization. Sok (MORE)

What is the national flower of the Republic of Ireland?

Ireland's national FLOWER is a yellow rose and some people would say snowdrop, because neither bloom naturally in any other country.
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