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What is belief?

The positive outcome of the something that you hoped for. what people belife in :)
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What are beliefs?

A belief is having faith in an idea or person. Beliefs is having faith in more than one idea or person. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )
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What are the beliefs of the federalist?

The group led by john Adams and Alexander Hamilton which are the federalist , favored business development a strong national gov't, and a loose interpretation of the constitut ( Full Answer )
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Which beliefs are traditional beliefs of china?

Although China has many beliefs, some of the main ones are Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. The current government, though, has tried to suppress many of these be ( Full Answer )
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Why do we have our beliefs?

I am assuming that you are talking about religion because that is a very vague question. Beliefs keep people going. Some people have beliefs because they think that they are ( Full Answer )
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Why have beliefs?

why have beliefs you may ask yourself time from to time. the truth is we are all looking for answers. you can be wiccan like me or catholic or a Jewish or what ever you may be ( Full Answer )
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What is beliefe?

Are there some things that we cannot see with our eyes but that we believe exist because there are sound reasons to do so? What about the air we breathe? We may feel it when ( Full Answer )
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What are the beliefs of the Hutterites?

Hutterites are very dedicated to Christianity. They disapprove of Catholicism and usual forms of entertainment, like TV and music. They are firm believers of the New Testament ( Full Answer )
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What are you if you have no belief?

There is no technical name for it. If you do not believe in any God, plural or otherwise, you are an Atheist, but if you have no belief either way I don't know of a term for y ( Full Answer )
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Why are there beliefs?

Because people have developed opinions on certain topics that theyfeel and will insist is the correct view.