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Does the Church of Christ believe in the rapture?

 A:     The 'Rapture' is a theological invention of John Nelson Darby, the  nineteenth-century founder of the Plymouth Brethren. Barbara R.  Rossing (The  Rapture (MORE)

Which religions believe in Jesus Christ?

Christians and Muslims believe in Jesus Christ, and their scriptures (the Bible and the Koran) reflect that belief. Technically, most Jews, as well as Wiccans, Hindus, Taoists (MORE)

Why do you believe in Jesus Christ?

    Believing in JesusChrist is acknowledging who he is. believing in Christ is submission to Christ as your all-in-all. I believe in Jesus Christ personally because (MORE)

Do Jews believe in Jesus Christ?

Answer 1   Some Jews believe that Jesus lived, but not that he was the  messiah. From the Jewish perspective, at most, he would have been a  false prophet.    Ans (MORE)

What did Jesus Christ believe in?

Jesus believed in the brotherhood of men under God's laws. His primary message was that people should live and work together in harmony, without strife or inequity. He acknowl (MORE)
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Why do Jews not believe in Jesus Christ?

Answer 1   They feel that He didn't fill the description of the messiah  through the prophecy in the Old Testament.    Answer 2   The assumption that the Chris (MORE)

How can you believe in Christ?

Read the Bible and earnestly pray, asking God to help you believe.   "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,  that whoever believes in Him should (MORE)