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Was General Belisarius able to defeat the Persian Army?

Flavius Belisarius was a general of the Byzantine Empire who servedunder Justinian I. He was unable to defeat the Persian Army at theBattle of Callinicum.
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Why was belisarius important?

He was a general. He defended an empire attack in fourdirections. He also recaptured the lands of the Western RomanEmpire.
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Who was Belisarius?

Belisarius was a Byzantine general working under King Justinian. Justinian wanted to reunite the Roman Empire and bring back Rome's glory. To accomplish this, he had to conque ( Full Answer )
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How did Justinian treat Belisarius?

At first, Justinian treated Belisarius like any normal general, and then better than a regular general, because he was so successful. Later, however, he began to feel threaten ( Full Answer )
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Why is belisarius important?

because he was a Byzantine General and he helped Justinian win the Nika revolt rebellion were people threatened to overthrow Justinian he wanted to run away but Theodora his w ( Full Answer )
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Why was Belisarius an important general?

Underfunded, always outnumbered and with a largely unorganized band of mercenaries (Belisarius had few Cataphracts), and on top of it all charged with defending an empire atta ( Full Answer )
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Why did Justinian feel threatened by Belisarius?

Belisarius was an extremely popular, well liked general who had also been very successful. Justinian knew that if Belisarius chose to, he could start a rebellion and possibly ( Full Answer )
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What was the ultimate impact of the exploits or feats of Belisarius for the Byzantine Empire?

"During the reign of Justinian I, the empire reached the height ofits power," and it was all because of who? Belisarius. If it wasn'tfor his "exploits," or what I consider to ( Full Answer )