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What are hooks in poker?

It is a slang term used in Texas Hold 'em referring to two Jacks as your hold cards, because they look like two fishing hooks.
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What is a hook for the Titanic?

You may be referring to the davits, which are used to lower severalof the lifeboats on the Titanic.
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What part of a hook hooks a fish?

The hook point penetrates the mouth of the fish, the barb prevents the tip of the hook from coming back out and the bend of the hook helps hold the fish onto the hook. Some p (MORE)
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Why did pirates have a hook?

Hooks and peg legs have been commonly-used prostheses throughout history, and are in fact still used today. They aren't limited to use by pirates, though popular image associa (MORE)

What is a hook sentence?

A hook is used to pull someone into a piece of writing. It interests people in the composition. It should be the first sentnce of your story and should make people wanna read (MORE)

Who is hook?

Hook is a famous character in the story of Peter Pan. This  character is the bad guy in the story.

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