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What is belladonna?

Belladonna is a highly toxic plant, that grows in Europe. It's botanical name is Atropa belladonna. Another name for it is deadly nighshade. Children can die from eating two (MORE)

What is a belladonna?

A belladonna is a plant with purple bell-shaped flowers andpoisonous black berries - also known as the deadly nightshade.

What is belladonna used for?

Belladonna is used As a narcotic and sedative (to relieve pain), As a diuretic (veterinary uses), As an antispasmodic (used in medications), As a mydriatic (used to dilate the (MORE)

How do you order belladonna?

"By a prescription from a physican" disregard what that imbecile wrote. you can find all sorts of extracts, and seeds on many many sites. these are useless to you. belladon (MORE)

Is belladonna safe for pregnant women?

No, belladonna should not be used in pregnancy. Belladonna cannot be recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding. There are reports that belladonna may increase the risk (MORE)
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What Is jets belladonna?

This is a reference to the movie Practical Magic. Jet was the aunt and it was her belladonna used.