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Does keiichi ever marry belldandy?

Well it has not happened yet! Will they someday? Maybe. If so it will be the last chapter of the manga IMO, or maybe the marriage ceremony would be foiled, for some fun rea ( Full Answer )
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Does keiichi ever confess to belldandy?

this might take a while to read, but hopefully it will help.this is from episode 18,"ah! the fated confession is under the moon!?" Belldandy is playing in the ocean. Keiich ( Full Answer )
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What is belldandies dads name?

BelldandieÕs dads name is really not told. She is a character in a popular anime series called ÒOh My GoddessÓ she was made up by Kosuke Fujishima . Belldandie is one ( Full Answer )
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What is the name of Belldandy and skuld's father from ah my goddess?

Belldandy, Skuld, and Urd, from "Oh My Goddess!" are the three Norns of Norse mythology. Since the Norns are considered to be analagous to the Fates of Greek history, and thei ( Full Answer )