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What is the synonym for beloved?

Beloved:  adjective: deeply loved.    Synonyms: adored, admired, cherished, darling, dear, esteemed, loved, precious, revered, sweet, treasured, valued, worshiped  (MORE)

Who was eros' beloved?

Psyche. Aphrodite was jealous of Psyche's beauty, and had Eros make her fall in love with a monster with his arrows, but when Eros reached in to get a closer look at Psyche, h (MORE)
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Is beloved an adverb?

No. The word beloved is an adjective based on the word "loved."  There is no adverb form.
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What is the German word for beloved as in beloved son?

German words for beloved are geliebt or lieb.  In the context of genders:  female:  geliebte or liebe  Example: My beloved daughter = Meine geliebte Tochter / Meine liebe (MORE)