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When was the Celtic festival beltane held?

One of the four great Celtic festivals held annually was Beltane.It was celebrated on 1 May and marked the beginning of the Celtic summer.It was named after Belenus and was as (MORE)

How long is beltane ceremony?

\nSome begin the ceremony on April 30th in the evening, and rumpus around 'til the next morning when all share Beltane Bannocks, an oatmeal hoe cake of sorts, with eggs, milk (MORE)
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Is Beltane important?

Beltane (A Pagan, Neo-Pagan, Wiccan festival) celbrates the Earth's renewed fertility and many celebrate it as May Day, not really knowing that our Earth has become more ferti (MORE)
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How did the Rite of Beltane in the movie Mists of Avalon advance the story?

It advanced the story because it made Mordred come about. Without Mordred, Arthur wouldn't have died in the end like he should. Although, from what I've gathered, the Mists of (MORE)