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What do the beluga Whales do?

I was just doing a report about beluga whales,This is what i wrote..... The Beluga whale is a 16 feet, 2,000 pound whale. He likes to live in the cold, Arctic Ocean. Beluga wh (MORE)
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What do beluga whales eat?

Beluga Whales eat almost 100 different kinds of primarily bottom-dweling animals.They eat octopus;squid;crabs;snails;and fishes such as capelin,cod,herring,smelt,and flounder. (MORE)
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What are the beluga whales enemies?

The beluga whales enemies are polar bears, killer whales and people. They can not In fact they are brother and sisters they do not have any enemies only there predators are (MORE)
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How does a Beluga whale move?

It uses its flippers and its tail to move through the water. because belugas don't have a dorsal fin! They also have a flexible neck to move too!
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How do beluga whales catch their food?

They catch prey with an echo it goes out if their melon the melon looks like a lump it is on top of their mouth. The echo keeps going out until it hits an object then it comes (MORE)
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How long do beluga whales live?

Beluga whales live about 35 to 50 years Male Beluga Whales usually live around 35 years in the wild and 45 in captivity. Female Beluga Whales usually live around 45 years in t (MORE)