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Is rick stein dead?

Christopher Richard "Rick" Stein is an English restaurateur and television presenter on BBC. He has also written several cookbook. Rick Stein was born on January 4, 1947 and (MORE)

Why did Elie lie to Stein?

He lied to Stein because he couldn't face telling him the truth - that his family were no longer alive. He didn't want Stein to know the truth (unfortunately he finds out).
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What are the lyrics to the stein song?

  HERE IS A POEM CALLED "A STEIN SONG" FROM 1919   Select Search-----All Reference-----Columbia EncyclopediaWorld History EncyclopediaCultural Li (MORE)
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How can you contact Philip stein online?

I doubt that you will be able to contact him directly. You could try though, by going to his website and sending in a bit of writing through the Contact button at the bottom o (MORE)

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