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Is beneath a preposition?

Beneath is a preposition. A little trick to determining if a word if a preposition - over the mountain, under the mountain, beside the mountain, around the mountain, through (MORE)
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What part of speech is beneath?

The word beneath is an adverb It means below or underneath. eg People waved from the bridge as the boat passed beneath. Or Beneath can be a preposition. (Followed by a noun) (MORE)

What are the lyrics for beneath thy window?

Beneath thy window Beneath Thy Window As the sun is fading Among the happy flowers My watch I'm keeping While gentle breezes to thy presence creeping Thy dreamy hear (MORE)

In a cleft remote where white mists float Around Blue Mountain's peak I rise unseen beneath a screen Of fog clouds dank and bleak Who wrote this?

The opening lines of "Song of a Blue Mountain Stream" by Reginald Myrie Murray, in about 1920 and recounts the progress of the stream towards the sea as it passes through "fer (MORE)

The chunnel passes beneath?

  The Chunnel is the name for the Channel Tunnel which passes underneath the English Channel between England and France.
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Which sentence contains a dangling modifier arriving ten minutes late the store was closed for the night flying beneath the cloud the pilot could see the airport?

The first one: Arriving ten minutes late, the store was closed for the night. - The store did not aririve late Flying beneath the cloud, the pilot could see the airport.
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When beneath use as adverb?

As an adverb beneath means - below, in a lower place, underneath Beneath the festive mood there was an underlying apprehension.
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Is beneath a prepositional phrase?

No beneath is a proposition. A phrase is two or three words not one word. beneath the waves - is a prepositional phrase.
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