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Are there beneficial viruses?

Yes, in a way. Some viruses can induce immunity, in a person exposed to them, to other, more dangerous viruses. For example, exposure to cowpox, which was seldom deadly and (MORE)
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What does beneficial mean?

Beneficial means helpful, advantageous or conferring benefit.    Beneficial means something good or advantageous for something.
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How are prokaryotes beneficial?

They live in our gut and make vitamin K, as well as the "beneficial" bacteria etc out competing the more dangerous ones. They help with other aspects of digestion, though some (MORE)

How are vaccines beneficial?

Vaccines are beneficial in that they have helped prevent millions of cases of infectious disease, and hundreds of thousands of deaths. Vaccines have eliminated the scourge of (MORE)

How are tornadoes beneficial?

They are not. Tornadoes frequently cause property damage and can  kill and injure people. They can clear out old vegetation, allowing  for new growth, but this benefit is mi (MORE)
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What is a beneficial adaptation?

A beneficial adaptation would be one that increases the chance of  survival of an animal. An example is a bird's beak changing shapes  to be able to retrieve a certain type (MORE)

Why is a relationship beneficial?

First, we have to define relationship. A relationship is how we view the meaning of two people or things viewed together. There is a relationship between the sun and the moo (MORE)

How are insects beneficial?

Well, some bugs are predatory and eat other bugs that reak havoc on  your garden. For example, ladybugs eat aphids, which eat plants'  leaves.
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