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How are ants beneficial?

they eat bugs that you may not want in your yard, but other than that people just want rid of them. They can also serve to aerate soil, like earthworms.

Who is Stregoni benefici?

From my understanding, Stregoni Benefici is an Italian breed of vampire that, unlike its fellow blood suckers, is predominately good-natured and kind, and is also the natural (MORE)
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How was slavery beneficial?

Slavery was beneficial because it provided free and easy labor. Most slaves were imprisoned in large numbers on plantations, where they produced many agricultural products, in (MORE)
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What are beneficial micoorganisms?

Normal flora are beneficial microorganisms that live within the body. They would encompass all the good bacteria that live within your organs that serve various functions, suc (MORE)

How are annelids beneficial?

Annelids are helpful in that they burrow in the soil and these burroughs connect to the surface and admit air into the soil (aeration. This also allows water to percolate or p (MORE)

What is beneficial about swimming?

Strengthens your core muscles and gets your heart pumping. Over all it is a great workout if you are actually doing laps and not just "play" swimming.
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What is mutation and how is it beneficial?

A mutation is a change in the genetic code of one allele of your genetic code. ( rarely does mutation affect both alleles ) Most mutations are neutral, some are deleterious, b (MORE)