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What are the benefits of trade?

1.improves the quality of product  2.foreign currency is earned by trade increases employment improves relationship with other countries enables the s (MORE)

How do you spell benefited?

Benefited or benefitted are equally correct, though benefitted is more commonly used in UK English. (Spell-checkers, especially in the US, will accept only benefited.)
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What are benefits of trees?

-trees purify the air around (through photosynthesis) the leave take in carbon-dioxide and give out oxygen -they can be made into paper and other materials -they provide fruit (MORE)
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What are the benefits of booger?

Boogers don't really have any benefits. Boogers are the results of the benefits of snot (mucus) in your nose. Dust particles get trapped in the moist mucus, dry and become boo (MORE)

What are the benefits of sculling?

Rowing in general provides a full body workout that is also mentally challenging. Sculling is beneficial for rowers for numerous reasons: when learning the symmetry of the mov (MORE)
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How can a laptop benefit you?

A laptop is completely portable. You can use your time more efficiently with a laptop. You can gain immediate access to information. Laptops are a manageable size. Low pow (MORE)

What are the benefits of a quiz?

The benefits of a quiz are: Quiz evaluate the participant knowledge easily.Participants have to spend less time answering quizzes. Quiz is a fun way to test knowledge.
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What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Tips   Reduce overheads, free up resources  Minimize capital expenditure  Eliminate investment in fixed infrastructure  Offload non-core functions  Redirect energy and (MORE)

What are the benefits of strawberry?

Following are the various benefits of strawberry such as:   1. Boost immunity   2. promote eye health   3. Helps fighting cancer   4. keep wrinkles at bay.  (MORE)