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What are private benefits and social benefits?

Private benefits are the economic gains from exerting influence ona company by large shareholders at the expense of other,smallershareholders. A social benefit would be a serv (MORE)
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What benefits do you get from cockfighting?

Cockfighting has no real benefits. The animals suffer from this abuse and the people are steeply fined for it. If you are asking why people do it, they do so for entertainm (MORE)

What are the benefits of imperialism?

Answer 1 the benefits of imperialism are, the policy of making the country'spopularity bigger and the handheld power stronger and moreresistant. Answer 2 The benefits of i (MORE)

What is benefit?

Here are some definitions for 'benefit': Benefit: Financial assistance in time of need Benefit: Something that promotes or enhances well-being; an advantage. Benefit: somethin (MORE)

What are the benefits of Marjoram?

You can substitute it for Oregano. It has a mellower taste but they are similar in flavor. Marjoram should only be used instead of Oregano in very strongly flavored savory (MORE)

What are the benefits of IT?

1.Benifits are that you and your hubby will get closer together. There are also chances of children!!!! 2.When you have it you usually are in bed. The closer and closer you g (MORE)

Who benefited from the navigation acts and how did they benefit?

The Navigation Acts were a series of laws that restricted the useof foreign ships for trade between Britain and its colonies. Theselaws bolstered trade within the British empi (MORE)