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What is the meaning of the word Di in Bengali language?

  It means sister. It's usually addressed to older sisters as a sign of respect. Bengali people don't call elders by their names (it's considered disrespectful).   The (MORE)
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What is the difference between sylheti and bengali language?

Linguistically speaking the Bengali language itself is the official language of Bangladesh and is the main standard and official language of communication.It is utilised in bo (MORE)

What is the first printed book in Bengali language?

Grammar of the Bengali Language (1778) by nathaniel brassey halhead. Some of the rare and important works in this collection are: A Grammar of the Bengal Language (1778) by N (MORE)
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How do you say i love you in Bengali language?

Bengali - Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi Bengali - Ami tomake bhalobasi good luck! :)
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What is avocado on bengali?

Kulnashpati   element   Font / font-family / font-size / font-style / font-variant / font-weight / letter-spacing / line-height / text-decoration / text-align / text-ind (MORE)
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What is Bengali?

Bengali is the 6th largest language in the world. Its a native  language for people in Bangladesh, West Bengal and Tripura.
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